Welcome to NSF Super – a multi industry superannuation fund

The team at NSF Super have remained committed, for over 25 years, to our original objectives of establishing and growing a multi industry superannuation fund that provides quality products and services.

As a member-based multi industry super fund, NSF Super is not driven to maximise profits for shareholders – but to return benefits to our members. We do this by keeping fees low, offering competitive product features, and providing highly-regarded, personalised service from our head office in the Hunter Region of NSW.

Being a multi industry super fund means it doesn’t matter which industry you are employed in, you can continue to grow your superannuation savings with NSF Super.

Keep your superannuation simple with NSF super

We know that people are busy and don’t always have a lot of time to manage their finances, and understand that super can be a complex topic – so we’re always looking for ways to make super as simple as possible for our members and employers.

Your super, your choice.

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