Fund Governance & Transparency Information

The primary purpose of NSF Super is to maximise the retirement benefits of its members. To achieve this, the Trustee must ensure that NSF Super is well governed.

The Trustee of NSF Super is NSF Nominees Pty Limited. The Trustee holds a Registrable Superannuation Entity (RSE) licence from the Australian Prudential Regulation Authority (APRA) and an Australian Financial Services (AFS) licence issued by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

NSF Super is governed by a Trust Deed, which is a legal document that sets out the rules for running a superannuation fund, and what the Trustee can and can’t do.

The Trustee also has a Constitution, which along with the Trust Deed, forms the governing rules for NSF Super and the Trustee. You can find the rules relating to the nomination, appointment and removal of Trustee Directors in the Constitution.

Trustee Directors and Executive Officers must have appropriate qualifications and demonstrated experience to hold a position with NSF Super.

All Trustee Directors are actively involved in the management of NSF Super and attend regular Board meetings.

Trustee Directors and Executive Officers receive remuneration for their role in managing and governing NSF Super.

The Trustee has a policy for managing conflicts of interest.

The Trustee maintains a Register of Relevant Duties and Interests for itself, its responsible persons and associates to ensure that any potential conflicts of interest are identified.

The Trustee has the financial statements audited each year by a reputable independent external auditor.

The Trustee engages specialist professional advisers and service providers to assist in managing NSF Super. The following entities provide services affecting the material business activities of NSF Super (as at 1 July 2014).

Service provider name ABN Service provided
Ernst & Young 75 288 172 749 Internal audit
Mercer Investments (Australia) Ltd 66 008 612 397 Asset consultancy
NAB Asset Servicing 12 004 044 937 Custodian
PSI Superannuation Management Pty Limited 93 003 422 320 Administration

The Trustee Directors of NSF Super do not vote on listed shares as all equity investments are managed via investment trusts

Super funds have a responsibility to keep members informed of material changes and significant events that may affect member accounts. NSF Super communicates significant changes affecting members through Significant Event Notices mailed to affected members and made available to download from the News area of this website. NSF Super has issued the following Significant Event Notices in the last 2 years:

Significant event Date of issue of Notice
Changes to insurance from 1 July 2016 May 2016
Changes to Trust Deed from 1 July 2016 May 2016
Changes to insurance premiums and terms from 1 July 2015 May 2015
Review of investment options, fee arrangements and insurance from 1 July 2015 May 2015
Review of fee arrangements applying from 1 July 2013 May 2013
General advice changes – Pacific Custodians (Member Newsletter) May 2013