Investing your super

Superannuation is generally a long-term investment. The amount of super you have when you retire will depend on a number of investment factors, including:

  • how long you have had your super for;
  • how much you have contributed;
  • how much your employer has contributed;
  • what investment option/s you have chosen; and
  • how your chosen investment option/s have performed.

The money in your super account is invested according to your chosen investment option/s. The returns from these investments (less costs and tax) are applied to your account once a year. They can be positive or negative depending on the performance of the funds within your selected option/s and other market factors.

The team at NSF Super are committed to ensuring that our members can take control of these important decisions, by providing a range of investment options (based on your attitudes towards risk).

NSF Super offers the choice of five investment options (see below), four of which are diversified across a range of asset classes, investment managers and industry sectors (NSF Cash is not diversified).

NSF MySuper

NSF High Growth

NSF SRI/Ethical

NSF Prudent

NSF Cash

Each option has its own investment objectives, strategies and level of expected risk and return. Click on each option to find out more about it to help decide which ones may suit you best. Click here for information on the Standard Risk Measure system – an industry-wide measure that classifies investments according to their risk level and aims to help members easily compare investment options.

You can choose which NSF Super investment option your money is invested in (or split across a range of options); however if you don’t make a choice, your super will be invested in the NSF MySuper option (known as NSF Diversified prior to 1 September 2013).

Selecting your investment options is easy – simply complete the relevant section of the application form when joining NSF Super.

If you are already a member and didn’t make an investment selection, or would like to change how your current super benefits and future contributions will be invested, the simplest way is to use your secure, online MemberAccess account.

You can change your investment options as often as you like, however a switch fee may apply. The first switch each financial year will be free of charge. There will be a fee for subsequent switches requested within the same financial year. Please refer to our Investment Guide for details of the current switch fee.

You can also complete and return the ‘Member Investment Choice’ form enclosed in the Investment Guide, if you prefer.

Any investment switch you make will not be effective immediately. Investment switches are processed on Saturdays each week, after crediting rates are updated. Where your switch request is submitted by Tuesday midnight, the effective date will generally be the following Saturday with the crediting rates current at that time being applied to the investments you have switched out of.

Need advice?

Plenty of people make the decision to get some advice when making important financial decisions, and with NSF Super you can access an expert Money Coach to help. Simply call the NSF Super team on 1800 025 241 and we can put you through for help over the phone with investment options, insurance or other financial advice.

For simple guidance on investing basics and super, see the government’s MoneySmart website, or ASFA’s ‘Super Guru’ website.