Changing super funds and joining NSF Super is simple!

At NSF Super, we make changing superannuation funds super simple. Most people have the right to choose which super fund they’d like their employer superannuation contributions to be paid into – but not everyone takes control and makes that choice. In that situation, your employer pays those super contributions into a fund they’ve chosen.

If you’re eligible to choose a fund, your employer must give you a ‘Standard Choice Form’ within 28 days of when you start work with them. The Standard Choice Form sets out your options for choosing a super fund yourself.

How to change super funds

To make changing the super fund your employer pays into simple, you can download a Standard Choice Form pre-filled with NSF Super’s details, which you can give to your employer along with our Complying Fund Notice. Your employer will then need to join NSF Super as a participating employer (if they are not already).

Joining is simple!

Changing super funds and becoming a member of NSF Super is easy, and now you can complete your application details online – no more paper forms!

Change jobs not super funds

If you’re already a member of NSF Super, keep in mind that changing jobs doesn’t mean you have to change funds – you can still be a member of multi-industry NSF Super – just hand your new employer a Standard Choice Form with your member details and our Complying Fund Notice.