Pension MemberAccess

NSF Super wants to make super (and retirement) as simple as possible for our members, which is why we have developed Pension MemberAccess – to make it easier for our pension members to manage more of their account details online.

Pension MemberAccess allows you to:

  • Check your balance and account transactions
  • Manage your contact details
  • Request a benefit quote
  • Review and update your investment options
  • Manage the amount and frequency of your pension income payments
  • Nominate and manage your beneficiary nominations (non-binding only)
  • View your Annual Pension statements

If you are already registered for Pension MemberAccess, please click here to login to your account.

Not yet registered for Pension MemberAccess?

Registering for Pension MemberAccess is easy. Simply click the button above and follow the Register Now instructions to get started today.

You will just need your Member ID and to confirm some personal details.

If you need any help with the registration process, simply contact the NSF Super team.